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Providential Living brings Microcurrent Neurofeedback to the Cartersville GA area. Our missing is to help everyone achieve mental wellness and help them improve their overall health.

I grew up in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and earned my bachelor’s degree in Applied Ministry and Family Psychology at Oklahoma Baptist University. I have worked at an inpatient mental health/substance abuse facility, for the physically disabled, the mentally ill, a women’s domestic abuse shelter, for children in protective custody, a sexual integrity speaker for a local pregnancy center and with my high-functioning autistic son. I have worked in student ministry and have counseled many youths and women through discipleship and bible studies over the past 25 years. I am currently getting my master’s in social work at Liberty University online.

Through our own family’s road to healing, we were introduced to microcurrent biofeedback technology (IASIS) and have been serving veterans at an American Legion in Cartersville. We have seen suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, neuropathy, sleep disorders, ADHD/ADD, alcohol/drug addictions, and more significantly diminish. The technology is safe to use with all age groups, including infants and is helping nonverbal autistic kids start to talk for the very first time.

Danielle Lynn


IASIS Certified Provider

IASIS is a natural alternative approach to our health and helps to detox the brain and reset the central nervous system. Any form and approach to natural health (whole food supplements, nutrition, essential oils, plant life, etc.) accentuates the results as they complement one another. I believe in treating the whole body and educating others on how the things in our life can lead to toxicity. IASIS helps to kickstart the system for a new you and the decision to start begins with us…

A health & wellness company designed to help take the guesswork out of living a providential life.